So today I took part in my first organized 5K run! It was a mud run called the Makahiki Challenge. There were 10 obstacles that were crazy! Some examples were:

Tangled- A web of wire that you had to weave through to get to the other side

Hawaiian Shave Ice Bath- A giant tub of frozen shave ice that you had to jump into and get out at the other side (SO COLD)

Mud Crawl- Army style crawling in a pit of mud under some short barriers

Mud Pool- A giant pool of mud you had to run through

Monkey Bars- these were huge and very far apart

Net Crawl- Crazy underneath a giant net with the weight of the net on your back


I had an INCREDIBLE time and there was a free beer waiting for me at the end!

It was such a good experience. 

  1. tablefor-twoplease said: I’ve always wanted to do a mud run :) This shot is awesome btw :D
  2. r3drobin said: Sounds like so much fun though! I’m proud of you for making it all the way through! Did Hunter go with you?
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